We are a campaign group that fights the injustice done to all women born in the 1950s affected by the inadequate/no notice of the State Pension Law (1995/2011 Acts).​​

The 1995 Conservative Government’s Pension Act included plans to increase women’s SPA (State Pension Age) to *65, the same as men’s. WASPI agrees with equalisation, but does not agree with the unfair way the changes were implemented – with little or no personal notice (1995/2011 Pension Acts); faster than promised (*2011 Pension Act), and no time to make alternative plans. Retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences.​​​
The WASPI campaign was started by five ordinary women in 2015 who decided to fight this injustice.​

Since then the campaign has evolved into what has been descreibed as "the most successful women's campaign this century".

*The 2011 Pension Act included plans to increase the SPA to 66.

The aim of the Waspi Campaign is: to achieve fair transitional state pension arrangements for all women born in the 1950s affected by the changes to the state pension law (1995/2011 Acts)

This translates into a 'bridging' pension to provide an income until State Pension Age - not means-tested - and with recompense for losses for those women who have already reached their SPA.  There are no specific age groups within the period mentioned above that are favoured above others.​​​

The Waspi Campaign do not ask for the state pension age to revert back to age 60​


Staging a WASPI protest on Spring Budget day13th March 2019 outside Parliament, where we stopped the traffic again. Afterwards we stormed College Green, gaining media coverage.

Staging a protest in the Public Gallery on budget day 29th October 2018  which resulted in standing an ovation and applause from all of the opposition Parties. Consequently, we received extensive media coverage and messages of support from MPs, journalists and activists.


National "Shoulder to Shoulder" rally in collaboration with Back to 60 and We Paid In You Pay Out pension groups on the 10th October 2018. Speeches in Hyde Park were followed by a further speeches and a demo in Parliament Square. Culminating in us blocking the road outside Parliament and bringing traffic to standstill for one and a half hours.

Waspi Campaign National Regional Rally day 14th July 2018 - numerous rallies held throughout  UK.
There have been 12 Waspi debates held in Parliament  plus 2 SNP motioned debates

Debate  in Westminster Hall 05/07/2017 - standing room only!

     Support from UNISON, UNITE and countless other unions.

159 local and county councils supporting Waspi

Over 90 local groups all over the UK with the numbers is growing!

193,186 signatures when our petition closed after 6 months

UK-wide media coverage

National Demo in London on 8th  March 2017 - over 7k attended

First Waspi National Demo in London on June 29th 2016 - over 2.5k attended

Our website has received over 3,500,000 hits
Over 100 MPs handed in petitions on 11th  October 2016 supporting the Waspi​​ Campaign

The Waspi Campaign has grown into a widely supported nationwide  campaign since its inception in 2015 and continues to go from strength to strength.

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Email: Chris Shaw -  [email protected]

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Enquiries regarding setting up local WASPI groups can be made via [email protected]

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