Neil Gray Member of the Scottish National Party for Airdrie & Shotts has tabled an Early Day Motion "PENSIONS FOR WOMEN BORN IN THE 1950s EDM #2390 and we are asking Waspi women, their family and friends to ask their respective MPs to sign.
                                                                                                                                                     This is a different EDM from the one tabled by Anna McMorrin MP for Cardiff. See below EDM 2296 and seeks to keep the injustice of the 1950s born woman where the government cannot ignore it and supports the previous EDM. Read about Early Day Motions here:
                                                                                                                                                    Waspi thanks Neil for tabling this EDM and for his ongoing support in the quest for justice for 50's born women.


Anna McMorrin MP for Cardiff North has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) "PROVIDING FINANCIAL RESTITUTION TO 1950s WOMEN" as a Temporary Special Meassure (TSM) called for by Professor Jackie Jones who was one of those instrumental in securing the Back to 60 Judicial Review.

Waspi is very grateful to Anna for tabling the motion and all supportive MP's who have signed the motion to date and of course to Jackie. Watch her video re TSM HERE

We are calling for more MPs to sign the EDM. Therfore, please write or email your MP as soon as you can and ask for their support by signing it. You can copy and paste this Template Letter should you wish. 


Labour policy makers want to hear from WASPI supporters. They have launched "a national conversation" across the country to discuss how they can best protect and improve the State Pension and are asking us/everyone to share opinions and help protect and improve State Pension

This is a golden opportunity to have your say and influence the decision makers.

WASPI is apolitical and welcome any opportunity to influence policy within all political parties to help right the grave injustice to 1950s women.

You can download the consultation document HERE


Lobby your MP
It is imperative to establish/maintain contact with your MP, whether supportive or not, and remind them of our ask and how they can help us achieve justice. Directory Version32.2.pdf

It's important to ensure that they are aware of the facts, as sadly some MPs are not. You will find the following pointers useful when meeting/contacting your MP:-

Phone his/her constituency office for an appointment for a meeting. Do not give up until you have a date.

If you are worried about going on your own, see if there is a local group and if they can find you a buddy. Check out our Local Directory for a group near you.

Look at the Written Evidence (via link at the bottom of the Home Page) to prepare for the meeting, write a letter (see *Template Letter to MP) with your personal story and with the arguments in Factsheet.

If you really feel you are unable (for whatever reason) to visit your MP, write or email him/her and insist that s/he answers your letter. Do not give up till you have an answer!

Continue to lobby him/her - see Lobby your MP. Make further appointments, write/email regular letters. Let your MP know you will NOT give up!

RECEIPT OF SPA COMPARISON (This image demonstrates the illogical and unfair way the increase to the State Pension Age was implemented. It could accompany any correspondence you send to your MP/local council etc.)

INTERGENERATIONAL LETTER TO MPs - Share this letter with the younger members of your family and friends and ask them to show their support for you/the WASPI Campaign. This will help dispel the myth in that the younger generation do not support the older generation and will compound that intergenerational support is very much in evidence.
Template letter to MP      
Lobby your MP


We have produced a Factsheet  which is easy and cheap for you to print off and hand out to anyone you talk to about WASPI.

It contains all the key information and details of how to contact us.

WASPI Local Group
  You can also ask others to spread the WASPI word:-

Media Coverage
  • Email local news papers/magazines/radio stations and tell your and the WASPI story. Follow up with phone call. Make it hard to be ignored!

  • Ask your local supermarket if they will allow you to be near the entrance (not blocking) handing out leaflets.  If possible, ask to have a display or table with info. Invite your local MP and your local press.
  • Ask your local supermarket if they will give you some floor space inside the supermarket to hand out leaflets and genrally raise an awareness of our Campaign. Morrisons, Sainsbury have been very co-operative in this.

  • Read/print off  the Waspi Written Evidence that we submitted to the Work & Pensions Select Committee in November 2015. It contains links to FOI requests and much more. More informative links at the bottom of our Home page.
If there is no Local WASPI group in your area then consider starting one. You will receive support and will be allocated a mentor. Email [email protected]   for further information.

159 Councils within the UK are showing support for WASPI by passing a motion calling for transitional arrangements. This will put additional pressure on non-supporting MP's and the Government.

Thanks to those supporters who initiated contact with their respective Councils and of course to the Councils in question. Template letter suggestions HERE

Has your council passed the motion? Let us know   HERE  

​Since the first motion was passed in 2016 the WASPI aim changed to incorporate all women born in the 50s affected by the changes to the SPA and not just those born on or after 6th April 1951.

  1. Dover District Council
    Dover District Council
  2. Derby City Council
    Derby City Council
  3. Cornwall County 
    Cornwall County Council
  4. Cheshire West & Chester Council
    Cheshire West & Chester Council
  5. Gateshead Council
    Gateshead Council
  6. Lewisham Council
    Lewisham Council
  7. Liverpool City Council
    Liverpool City Council
  8. Moray Council
    Moray Council
  9. Newcastle City Council
    Newcastle City Council
  10. Plymouth City
    Plymouth City
  11. Stoke on Trent City Council
    Stoke on Trent City Council
  12. Telford and Wrekin Council
    Telford and Wrekin Council
  13. Exeter City Council
    Exeter City Council
  14. East Devon District Council
    East Devon District Council
  15. Mid-Devon District Council
    Mid-Devon District Council
  16. Bournemouth Borough Council
    Bournemouth Borough Council
  17. Nottingham City Council
    Nottingham City Council
  18. Notts County Council
    Notts County Council
  19. South Tyneside Council
    South Tyneside Council
  20. Waveney District Council
    Waveney District Council
  21. Wakefield Council
    Wakefield Council
  22. Torbay Council
    Torbay Council
  23. Burton-upon-Trent Council
    Burton-upon-Trent Council
  24. Sunderland Council
    Sunderland Council
  25. Teignbridge District Council
    Teignbridge District Council
  26. South Hams District Council
    South Hams District Council
  27. Northumberland County Council
    Northumberland County Council
  28. Manchester City Council
    Manchester City Council
  29. Devon County Council
    Devon County Council
  30. Ashfield Council
    Ashfield Council
  31. Derbyshire Dales District Council
    Derbyshire Dales District Council
  32. East Sussex County Council
    East Sussex County Council
  33. Hastings Bough Council
    Hastings Bough Council
  34. Wigan Council
    Wigan Council
  35. South Derbyshire District Council
    South Derbyshire District Council
  36. Belfast City Council
    Belfast City Council
  37. Gedling Borough Council
    Gedling Borough Council
  38. Wealden Council
    Wealden Council
  39. Eastbourne Borough Council
    Eastbourne Borough Council
  40. Argyll & Bute Council
    Argyll & Bute Council
  41. Somerset County Council
    Somerset County Council
  42. Southwark Council
    Southwark Council
  43. Mansfield Civic Council
    Mansfield Civic Council
  44. Mourne and Down Council
    Mourne and Down Council
  45. West Devon Council
    West Devon Council
  46. Torridge District Council
    Torridge District Council
  47. Staffordshire Moorlands Council
    Staffordshire Moorlands Council
  48. Halton Council
    Halton Council
  49. Falkirk Council
    Falkirk Council
  50. East Dumbartonshire Council
    East Dumbartonshire Council
  51. Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
    Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
  52. Rother Borough Council
    Rother Borough Council
  53. Midlothian Council
    Midlothian Council
  54. Chorley Borough Council
    Chorley Borough Council
  55. Stroud District Council
    Stroud District Council
  56.  Birmingham City Council
    Birmingham City Council
  57. Barrow Borough Council
    Barrow Borough Council


"In 1986 the UK government ratified the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). It gives rights to UK women & obligates government to advance women's lives, recognising past inequalities & remedying them. Its provisions must become part of domestic law".

Please share this link via Social media and for those of your family and friends who are not on social media email it to everyone in you address book https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/230451


If you’re angry at the way 50's born women have been treated regarding their State Pension don’t complain to us - MAKE YOUR COMPLAINT COUNT and tell the Department for Works and Pensions all about it.

If you didn’t get a letter telling you your SPA was increasing tell them, if you would have made different choices had you know you wouldn’t receive your pension at 60 tell them. If you have lost years of your State Pension, tell them.

We have a voice. Add yours.

There is a Guide to Making a Complaint and template letters to follow below.

If you need help with this contact your local WASPI group who will be able to help you. You can find a local group on the Local Group page


If ever there was a time to stand up and be counted as a WASPI woman, it is now.

If there ever was a time when women needed to help other women in a similar situation as you, waiting up to six extra years for your pension, it is now.

And if you ever needed to give some time to make a formal complaint to the DWP about a case of maladministration….it is that time.​ 

All women born in the 1950s should make a formal complaint about the lack of notice they received about the changes to their State Pension Age. There is no easy way to do this. We must  take action and don't wait for someone else to do it for us. We have to turn up the heat and we can all help. Tell your friends; send your letters play YOUR part. We want to cause such a high volume that it will further compel the Government to look in earnest at making remedy for the "grotesque disadvantage" and financial loss we have suffered.

​WASPI have a “​Guide to DWP Complaints". It takes into account all the different issues which affect us. It will ensure that our complaints going to the DWP cover all the necessary points and will move WASPI on to a mass complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, which can help us to get justice.
Guide to Maladministration 
Guide to Complaints
Stage 1 Help Guide
Stage 2 Help Guide 
Request For Information
Template Letters   
It involves effort, resolve and determination to do it.  But if we don’t make that effort we’re sending a strong message to the Government that we don’t have the heart to fight the injustice.  As many of us as possible must make a complaint to the DWP - get going on yours now!

It must hurt, and it must sting.

There are 3.8 million affected by the lack of notice of the 1995 and 2011 Pensions Acts.   Not all of them even know its happened.

We can help them by making our own complaints and helping others to make theirs.  Don’t leave it and think someone else will do it.  This is your pension and your fight. 
Look at the links above where you can get the “ Guide to DWP Complaints ” and template letters which will help you make your complaint.  

You will also see a Guide to Maladministration which you may also like to read.

To make a new complaint use the Stage 1 template letter and send it to the DWP.

You are likely to get a reply from the (DWP) saying they will take no further action on your case until after the Judicial Review. This is listed for 5th & 6th June 2019. If you are told this, you do not need to carry on with the complaints process. Just keep the letter until we are able to issue further advice after the Judicial Review.

If you are already in the complaints process you should keep sending the template letters until you get a letter stating that your complaint is suspended, closed or no further action will be taken and that there will be no further communication regarding the complaint. It is very important that you keep all letters and documents related to the complaint.

If you get a letter from the DWP or Independent Case Examiner (ICE) telling you that the next stage is for you to complain to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO) please don’t do this yet.

Once the Judicial Review decision is known it will affect how the PHSO deals with complaints and what the relevant issues are. Complaints that have already gone in to the PHSO may therefore need to be amended once we know more. There is no deadline for complaining to the PHSO so there is nothing to lose by waiting.

STAGE 1: Start the process of making a complaint to the DWP.  Use the template letter as a guide to register your dissatisfaction and formally record your complaint.    See Template Letters
STAGE 2: Once you’ve had a response to your stage 1 complaint then you’re ready to do your next letter.  

STAGE 3: Once you’ve had your response to the previous letter, you’ll see you’ve 6 months to do your next letter.  It’s important to stay within the timelines given.​  See Guide to DWP Complaints and See Template Letters

STAGE 4:  Once you’ve had your response you then write to the Independent Case Examiner (ICE)   See Guide to DWP Complaints and See Template Letters
After this stage you may receive a letter from an Initial Case Action Manager asking you to make contact and define the nature of your complaint.  (See Guide to Complaints page 7) You may wish to respond in writing and using the Template letter

​PERSONAL FILE REQUESTS - You can do this as soon as you want.  It would be useful to know what DWP holds on your personal file. We would like all WASPI campaigners to ask for this information. You get a form online, print it and complete it - no letter writing this time. You just need to fill in the blanks and post it off to the DWP - simple as that!    It takes up to 40 days to get a reply. Women are getting back lots of useful information from the Personal File requests and some are finding it helpful to claim more qualifying NI years as a result.

To ask for a copy of the personal information DWP holds about you, please use the DWP request for personal information form.

Requests for personal information are also called ‘Subject Access Requests’.  The DWP will not charge you for this service.

Keep a Copy:  At all stages make a note of the date you sent your letter or SAR and keep a copy of what you sent
If you don’t get a response within their timescales for reply then write again and complain again.  We have a template letter to help with that:

The DWP publishes a document about the service you should receive.

Help a WASPI

If you have a WASPI friend who is struggling with access to the internet, try and double your impact by helping her apply too.

Don’t delay! Start writing today!​​
Many of you have submitted your complaint letters to ICE and they have not responded. Therefore, it is advisable to give them a 'nudge' ! We have template nudge ICE Letters 1 and 2  available to help you. The second includes a request for the ICE complaints procedure.

If you are forced into making a complaint against further service failures because of ICE and the complaint continues to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the PO finds in your favour - including whatever remedy they think is fitting to you, they fine ICE £5,000.

You cannot proceed to the PO until you have a full and final response from ICE. This means that you have also completed the DWP complaints procedure. Failure to complete DWP + ICE without a final response will cause your complaint to be rejected at the PO Stage. Template letter to PO